Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Three Points of Contact

In our Experiential Anatomy class yesterday, we learnt about the three points of contact on our hands and feet. These are:
·         The inside
·         The outside
·         The heel
When walking on my feet, I notice I would lead with the heel then followed by the outside then inside. I began to think about it in more depth and I then I began to feel like my one foot landed on the floor differently to the other one.
When running or jumping I would lead with the inside, outside then heel.
I also noticed that I tend to put a lot more pressure on the ball of my foot rather than spreading it between all the three contact points.
When I tried walking with my hands, I was expecting it to be very similar to the feet. However, when walking with my hands, my outside lead followed by inside then heel.

Sorry if you find it difficult to understand the way I have explained it! Haha

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